Workin’ Girl!


Hey y’all!

So if you are an avid follower of mine on Twitter, you know that I work on Sundays. Make that EVERY SUNDAY… for the last two years. But thankfully that is qucikly coming to an end. I shouldn’t say “thankfully” but I am so ready to go to church every Sunday and worship my Lord and Savior.


BTW, I work for a Broadcasting Company, incase you were wondering.


I am very thankful for my job because it has allowed me to have the weekdays off during the school year to focus strictly on school and the weekdays in the summer devoted to spending time with my friends and interning at the hopsital so that I will have the experience and knowledge I will need for medical school. However, not seeing the inside of my church on a Sunday morning is rough. Thankfully, God created Steve Jobs, who created iPhones and iTunes, and I am able to turn my office into a place of worship on Sundays. Plus, my job is like incredibly easy. I flip a total of six switches over the course of 4 hours. Its really not that difficult.


We have a lot of folks come into the building on Sundays, however. Most of them just run in, hand me their CD or Tape, and tell me to have a nice day. But you really develope a relationship with those people. Like when I get here, a guy I have gone to school with my whole life, served on executive council with me in a club in school for three years, and someone I look up to spiritually is here with his youth pastor recording. Then the Pentacostal church calls in. They’re really, really nice but I often get a headache after listening to their service for thirty minutes. But like I said, super nice folks. Then the Presbyterian pastor comes in. He is probably the nicest person I have ever met. He is really involved in our community. Great guy. Plus, I found out his daughter went to my university. Who knew? Small world, I guess. Then the local (and I believe only) Assemly of God pastor comes in. He is very methodical. He comes in, hands me his tape, and leaves. He’s really nice but he wears entirely too much colonge. I just want to be like, “Easy on the Axe, Jerry!” Then there is a guy who I will not say his name but goodness… He is 87 years old, the state of Georgia still allows him to drive, he tries every week to convience me that he took 98 credit hours in ONE SEMESTER of college, and he begs me to donate my paycheck to his ministry every week. I dont have a problem donating to ministries but I make $27.36 a week. I have to pay for my own gas and for anything I do for entertainment… Let me just tell ya, God provides. Somehow he always makes sure I make it through the week. It’s rough. So needless to say, I get a little annoyed.


All of that being said… I am extremely excited that I am exactly 42 minutes away from getting off today, having only one Sunday left here and then starting my new job waitressing. That, too, will be somemore of an intresting job I’m sure because I am a complete klutz. But thankfully, the place I will be working (like most places in my college town) is closed on Sundays.


So, as most of you know, I am obsessed with the Olympics. I know that God has a special person set out for me but I really, really hope its Michael Phelps. He is just like a little Merman! But I am also obsessed with Prince William and Kate. I cannot figure out why she doesnt wear a crown all the time, because if I was her… I totally would. I am pretty sure her closet is like Princess Mia’s on Princess Diaries but like 89352X’s cooler. In all honesty, I just want to be her. Like is that too much to ask? I mean, I would make a great future queen of England.


I’m joking, y’all. Not really. But it would be incredibly cool to be the queen.


Okay, y’all. I know none of that had much to do with Jesus but I have a really great blog in the works and I really just needed to vent and ramble on to somebody. I’ll be posting my next blog either tonight or tomorrow so be on the look out!


All my love,

His_Daughter 93


Hello Beautiful!


So, as promised, this is me…. BLOGGING! This is definitely a first for me so just excuse me while I learn all the ends and outs of this spectrum of social media.


If you have been reading my tweets lately, most of them consist of me either crafting or packing! That seems to be my life these days. It’s hard to believe that I will be sleeping in my dorm room exactly two weeks from today! (EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! Let the nervousness begin!)


As we are all preparing to move, my friends and I decided to all make each other gifts. We decided this well over a month ago but leave it to me to wait until the last minute to start on all of them. However, I now have three of the five done! Once they are all finished, you all will get a sneak peek of what they look like and whats inside them! 


Crafting is one of my all time favorite things to do. My momma is probably the craftiest person I have ever met. She amazes me with her creativity and it is something I am going to miss terribly. I’m fairly certain I get that from her. However, when I craft, I take up the entire house. Like, I paint in one room. Then I mod podge in another, and I glitter in another. So at the end of the day, our house usually looks like Hobby Lobby threw up all over the place. That being said…. I am really glad my roommate likes to craft, too. Crafting is my passion. It is such a stress reliever to me. 


Regardless, I am ready to get to school. And that means that Sorority recruitment is just around the corner! I am super excited! I will be posting pictures of my outfits in the weeks to come so y’all will have to let me know what you think! (Especially y’all who have been in my shoes ;))


Okay, but anyway back to the point of this blog… GOD.


I am going to be point blank with y’all. I am not perfect. I don’t have it all together. I have a lot of self worth issues. I have done things that are pretty much unforgivable. But, I am forgiven. I haven’t always been like the person parents wanted their kids hanging out with. I have made my fair share of mistakes and I have had my fair share of hang ups. But thankfully, I serve a merciful God who loves me and who forgives my every mistake.


That being said, I cannot sit here and tell you that I don’t struggle. There’s this guy who I love, and will probably always love. I fell in love with him while I was running from God. But I honestly believe that you can’t just stop loving somebody. That doesn’t happen overnight. It is going to take a lot of time and even more prayers. Sadly, I often let him dictate what I believe about my image and how I feel about myself. Thankfully, due to unfortunate circumstances, we will not be speaking until November. I believe this will be best for me and I believe God has given these circumstances because he wanted to show me his ultimate power. He really is awesome. 


I’ll be honest with y’all, he mentally abused me. Even this week. He would tell me I was stupid. I wasn’t good enough. I wouldn’t make it in college. I was ugly. And people can say all day, “Don’t go back to him.” But you still do. And if you have been through that, you can totally relate. And one of my best friends is going through the exact same thing. I was talking to her yesterday and a verse that one of my favorite people in the world use to tell our youth group came to mind….


“I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Psalms 139:14


My old youth pastor used this verse ALL THE TIME. I think of him every time I hear it or read it. I’ll be honest, it is really hard to remember that. Especially when you are being told you aren’t good enough. But thankfully, we serve a God who knew us before he even formed us in our mother’s womb. I know the single life, quite frankly, sucks. Like, I would love for a boy to take me on a nice date but I find comfort in knowing that God has picked me out for somebody. (Shout out to my best friend who took me to lunch yesterday because he felt bad about my latest paycheck. I owe ya, dude!) That somebody is perfect for me. He won’t abuse me. He won’t use me. And together, we will grow in Christ. Sometimes God allows us to live the single life because we aren’t ready yet. We are one of his prized possessions and, like our earthly daddy, he doesn’t want us hurt. I truly believe we have to seek God with ours whole heart before we   can find the person we will spend our lives with. God has a special calling on YOUR life. It might be to preach, it might be to lead worship, it might be to go to some country that I can’t pronounce or tell you where it is. But, it might be to just live a lift fully devoted to Jesus Christ. Your light could be the only light some people see ever. You have no idea what somebody is going through inside or at home. Be a light for them. Your husband (or wife) will also have a calling on their life. But you’ve got to be groomed in Christ to be ready to support his ministry and his life. Keep in mind, your ministry just might be your life story. 


That being said, remember that anybody you date is a candidate for marriage. If you wouldn’t marry them, why are you dating them? Like really. So, if you are going to date them, they need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. If they don’t and you do, you are unequally yolked and it will cause you to struggle in your walk with him. Girls, do you want some boy to tear you away from the one man who died for you and promised that he would NEVER leave you or forsake you? Guys, same thing. I think that is the one thing I have struggled with the most, honestly. The relationships I have been in have been failures because we were not on the same page spiritually. It is hard. But the only person that can actually CHANGE a person is Jesus. You cannot change your boyfriend that abuses you. You cant “make” them them stop using drugs. I know you want to, trust me, but you can’t. So let go, let God work and if its meant to be… it will be. If its not, that means there is something better in store for you.


If you are struggling still, find someone. I personally love talking to my old youth pastors wife. She hears it all, bless her heart! I highly encourage you to find a Woman of God. If you ever need anything, I will happily talk to you! 


Don’t forget this is the story of your life and it’s one worth telling.


Love always,